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This spoon is designed for those people who scoop yoghurt from a large yoghurt pot.  The handle is long enough, and has a flat edge, so that you can scrape out the entire pot.  I then also use it to eat my breakfast.

The spoon also comes with options for “handing”.  These make the spoon right-handed (with the straight edge, and pointed corner on the right of the spoon bowl), or left-handed (with the straight edge, and pointed corner on the left of the spoon bowl).

I always work with “found” wood, so although the shape of the spoon remains similar – the wood will always be unique.

Additional information


Left-handed, Right-handed

Wood care instructions


All my wooden utensils are made to be used on a daily basis.  They can be hand-washed with detergent and hot water, just like any other kitchen utensil, but they will not appreciate being left soaking for long periods in water.  And they must not be put in a dishwasher.

Over time, with use, your wooden utensil will build up a patina that is unique to you, and your usage.  Part of the beauty of wooden ware is observing this change over time.

All the utensils are sealed with linseed oil, and in some cases there might be a slight taste or feel of oil during the first few uses.  This will pass with normal washing.


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