About the Maker

About the maker?


I’m Rachel, and I’m a maker. Thus, most of the time I can be found outside in my small backyard with an axe and a variety of knives. Although my background is as a professional engineer, I’ve always had a strong interest in crafts and design, and since 2016 I’ve become the designer and maker of art and utensils from natural materials: wood and egg shells.

Maker of Hand Carved Wooden Spoons and more


I have a mission to spread the use of wooden spoons for eating. Consequently, I salvage green wood (freshly chopped) from wherever I can locally to make spoons and cooking utensils. If you’re local to the North East of England and have a tree being chopped down, do let me know. Other than conifers, because they’re a bit soft, I’m interested in carving anything. Generally fruit woods are great to carve, and I’m particularly looking out to try nut woods – for example walnut or chestnut. Because I’m interested in both senses of the word “green”, I don’t use power tools, instead I carve the wood using an axe and a selection of scary sharp knives.

Maker of Hand Decorated Eggs


My engineering eye and love of geometric design particularly come together as a maker in the discipline of decorating eggs. Sometimes working outside with wood isn’t possible, for instance when it’s too dark, or too cold, or too wet. That is when I retreat indoors and use beeswax and dyes to transform egg shells into colourful jewel-like decorations.