Pocket spoon


Pocket spoon – small enough to carry around with you all day.  Strong enough to carry around with you all day.  A light, functional design that is beautiful to look at and use.

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These are eating spoons – with a difference.  They’re specifically designed to travel with you wherever you go.  Slim enough to slip into a pocket or a bag, yet strong enough to withstand being sat on; strong enough too to withstand being jostled around with all the other things you carry.

But why have a pocket spoon with you wherever you go?  Well it means that you can avoid using plastic cutlery.  From porridge or curries, to yoghurt or ice cream, this spoon does it all, while helping you look after the planet.  Big work for a humble spoon!

Wood care instructions


All my wooden utensils are made to be used on a daily basis.  They can be hand-washed with detergent and hot water, just like any other kitchen utensil, but they will not appreciate being left soaking for long periods in water.  And they must not be put in a dishwasher.

Over time, with use, your wooden utensil will build up a patina that is unique to you, and your usage.  Part of the beauty of wooden ware is observing this change over time.

All the utensils are sealed with linseed oil, and in some cases there might be a slight taste or feel of oil during the first few uses.  This will pass with normal washing.


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