I use wood from the gardens of friends and families, and from wherever else I can find it.  Then I hand carve this wood into spoons of all shapes and sizes.  This means that no two spoons are exactly the same.  Currently I have a number of designs of spoons that I’ve repeated and tested so that they’re the best they can be.  I’ve now carved many of each of these and I’m confident you’ll enjoy using these products.


These spoons are all handcrafted originals, made with attention to detail and made to order.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

If you’d like to buy a different spoon or product, the best thing to do is to follow me on Instagram (Rachel Bainton), or if you’re not on Instagram, there’s a link at the bottom of the page.  Take a look at the types of things I carve, and if you see something you like, either message me, or email me.  I’m happy to work with you to make sure you get the carve that’s right for you. Within the broad range of items that I carve, I try to impose a kind of structure to the pricing…

  • £18-22 – Cooking spoons / Serving Spoons
  • £16 – Scoops for tea / coffee / anything else you need to scoop
  • £15 – Eating spoons
  • £12 – Baby spoons
  • £12 – Wands
  • £12 – Spreaders

I make eggs of all kinds of designs.  The gallery below shows some of the designs I do.  I also love to make bespoke eggs – maybe to celebrate a birth, or a wedding, or an anniversary.  With hand-written eggs, the choice is yours.  If you see something you like, or would like to discuss creating a design that’s especially for you, do email me.

  • £10 – Christmas Eggs / Halloween Eggs
  • £17.50 – £25 – More complex egg designs

About me?

I’m Rachel, and most of the time I can be found outside in my small backyard with an axe and a knife. Although my background is as a professional engineer, I’ve always had a strong interest in crafts and design, and since 2016 I’ve been designing and making art and utensils from natural materials: wood and egg shells.


I have a mission to spread the use of wooden spoons for eating. I salvage green wood (freshly chopped) from wherever I can locally to make spoons and cooking utensils. (If you’re local to the North East of England and have a tree being chopped down, do let me know. Other than conifers, I’m interested in carving anything.) I carve the wood using an axe and a selection of scary sharp knives.


My engineering eye and love of geometric design comes together in the discipline of decorating eggs. When it’s too dark to work with wood outside, I retreat indoors and use beeswax and dyes to transform egg shells into colourful jewel-like decorations.